Friday, December 4, 2009

Hollywood Stop the Botox!

Hollywood Stop the Botox! It's really annoying seeing faces that don't move and has no expression. We all get older. We all age. Don't these celebrities and it's mainly the women that are actually disfiguring their face instead of helping it and improving their looks. Heather Locklear use to be such a beautiful woman and on Melrose Place she can barely move her mouth or any part of her face. When she's on Melrose Place the TV picture is blurry and when they show the other person the TV picture is clear. She's almost 50, she's not 25. Didn't she learn from Linda Evans experience, Tina Sinatra, Priscilla Presley and many more. Beautiful women that would have remained looking beautiful but look strange instead of beautiful today. It's bad enough what Heather Locklear did to her face but can they at least not blur the camara. People spend a lot of money buying TV's to have clear pictures and we don't need Hollywood doing the same old trick of putting vasoline on the lens. A little bit of plastic surgery is ok and understandable but most don't know when to stop and over do it. Faces that don't move including the forehead doesn't look good and not all are meant to have Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts lips. We want to see more realistic faces and bodies whatever age they are.

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