Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elvis Presley's 1174 Hillcrest Dr. Beverly Hills 1977 & Now

Elvis purchased this home 1174 Hillcrest Dr. Beverly Hills for $400,000 in 1967. The home is a 3 bedroom multilevel French Regency style house with an Olympic-sized swimming pool built in 1961 that is next door to the Danny Thomas home. This is the home where Elvis would often come out to the gates and visit with the fans that gathered there. This is Lisa Marie's first California. In 1970 after the Manson murders Elvis purchased a home located at 144 Monovale in Beverly Hills. When Elvis and Priscilla separated Priscilla and Lisa continued to live at the Monovale home for a short period of time until Priscilla purchased her home on Summit Dr. where she currently lives. The Monovale home is steps away from the home Michael Jackson passed away in.

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