Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elvis Presley's Last Beverly Hills Home 1970-1975

Elvis Presley's Last Beverly Hills Home Elvis purchased. Owned 1970-1975. Located at 144 Monovale Rd. Beverly Hills steps from the last home of Michael Jackson.

144 Monovale (Holmby Hills) Los Angeles, California. Elvis purchase this home for $339,000 in 1970. The 2 story home is surrounded by 2 acres of land and orange groves and was at one time owned by actor Robert Montgomery, father of Elizabeth Montgomery of the "Bewitched" TV series. It is located in the exclusive enclave of "Holmby Hills" which sits between Bel Air and Bevery Hills. The home came complete with pool table, soda fountain and a projection room. The entire estate was enclosed by a high security fence. After the Charles Manson murders in the area, Elvis was concerned fo his family's safety, and moved to this larger and more secure home which had plenty of room for his bodyguard Sonny West and his family. In 1975 Elvis sold this house for $625,000 to actor Telly Savalas. It is now owned by a private individual and looks the same as it did back then.

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